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    • Dodola Coffee
    • Dodola Coffee
      Ogryczaków 4/2
      80-306 Gdańsk
      NIP: 5842454201
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    Short story

    Your coffee lovemark for every sip you take!

    Everybody drinks coffee. People need it to cheer them up in the morning, to bring them throw the day. Others celebrate each little sip of it. So, don’t you want to taste something that is worth tasting it? 

    We wanted to and since we couldn't buy our favorite coffee anymore, we started roasting ourselves. Full control of quality; full control of taste.

    Dodola Coffee was born. Dodola the Slavic goddess of fertility; of the needed summer rain when it drains, of the green of the leaves, of the crops on the fields. Our ancestors prayed to her for rain. Therefore just the best selected single origin coffees which we offer at Dodola Coffee were blessed by Dodolas magic. Dodola Coffee made for yours and mine desire for a special cup of coffee each day.

    Drink it, love it. Choose the specialty blend or single origin that brings a smile to your face. Say goodbye to the days of ordinary mass taste, welcome special, welcome new dawn!

    Dodola Coffee is a niche provider, since not everybody desires to afford specialty coffee. We specialize in 4/5* hotels, which want to be recognized by that certain something ...in innovative startups where a better cup of coffee distinguishes you from an 9/5 employer. Subconsciously we address to Slavic people with attitudes such as joy, mythology, and female strength. 

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